Starlight Industries is a world leader in outer space exploration and research. With branches focusing on alternative energy sources, deep space exploration, xenobiology, and off-world habitation, it's little wonder that Earth's best and brightest choose Starlight Industries to facilitate their research. Founded in 1964, Starlight Industries rocketed onto the world stage – and beyond – by prototyping and successfully launching hyperlight spacecraft for civilian use, granting everyone access to the stars. By opening up space travel to a broader range of candidates, Starlight Industries has revolutionised our ability to understand and experience the cosmos.

Starlight Industries employs thousands of people every year. We believe that every one of our employees is a pioneer: from our deep-space researchers to our space station janitors. As an astroneer with Starlight Industries, your commute to work each day will come with a view of the stars.


The first craft of its kind, Earthrise One is a starling-class geosynchronous space station, designed for use by short-term inhabitants from a wide variety of fields spanning Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM). Since the successful launch of Earthrise One in 1982, a number of similar STEM research vessels have been launched, with personnel on board making rapid progress in a vast array of research areas. Earthrise One has been in use for six years, with research teams rotating every 12 months.

Due to recent complications, the station may be decommissioned at the end of this year. We're looking for a maintenance crew to investigate – no prior training or experience required. Do you have what it takes?